Chris Figue has arrived in Italy from Paris, the famous French "City of Lights",  where she has finished her studies in Fresque technique Instruction of Design  (Accadèmie Julian). 
Her career of fashion designer in Italy guided her to living in Florence, a place of the highest renaissance culture, which Chris loves to define as  her " La Provenza nel Mediterraneo". 

Chris is an eclectic artist and continues her researches of artistic expression on the materials, where the games of lines and volumes, the construction of the figure or the landscape, are mixed in a dynamic and emotional expression of great suggestion. 

       Following up her fresco painting experience, where the artistic gesture does not tolerate re-thinking...and the metal casting for jewelry, where the precision goes on equal step with  fantasy... and sculpture, where the matter is dominated with vigor...and the art graphics (etching, acquatinte, xilografia, lineografia etc), matter of rigor but also of large versatility...,  scenography allows her an artistic "breath" of the great murals and architectonic realizations, with a great determination in the colors and gestuality in the space. 

      Also, the design of daily objects could be an other subject of the artistic researches and  realizations of  Chris Figue'..


Chris Figue' artist painter fresco sculpture





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